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What are the Advantages of Electronic Equipment Vibration Isolation?

With the development of production technology and the improvement of living standards, people have put forward higher requirements for vibration control. As an important research branch of vibration control, vibration isolation technology has received more and more attention and has been applied in many aspects. Vibration isolation of electronic equipment is one of the most important applications. What are the advantages of electronic equipment vibration isolation?

There are many forms of mechanical force that electronic devices are subjected to, and the most harmful ones are vibration and shock, which cause about 80% of failures. There are two main forms of damage caused by them. One is strength destruction: the device generates a large amplitude resonance at a certain excitation frequency, and the stress caused by the final vibration acceleration exceeds the ultimate strength that the equipment can withstand; or the impact stress generated by the impact is destroyed by exceeding the ultimate strength of the equipment. The second is fatigue damage: although the stress caused by vibration or impact is much lower than the strength of the material, the stress caused by long-term vibration or multiple impacts exceeds the fatigue limit, causing fatigue damage to the material. The vibration characteristics of the system are affected by three parameters, namely mass, stiffness and damping. For vibration and shock isolation of electronic equipment, the quality of the vibration isolation system generally refers to the quality of the electronic equipment, while the stiffness and damping are provided by the support device of the equipment. Under the influence of mechanical environment, especially in ships, tanks, off-road vehicles, aircraft and other vehicles, the equipment and its internal electronic components, mechanical structures, etc. are difficult to withstand the interference of vibration and shock.

Vibration isolation is to isolate or reduce the mechanical vibration transmission between device and the outside by installing a vibration damping device on the device. An elastic support, that is, a damper, is installed between the electronic device and the foundation to reduce the influence of the basic vibration on the electronic device, so that the electronic device can work normally or not. This measure of isolation of electronic equipment is called passive vibration isolation. Under normal circumstances, the vibration isolation of instruments and precision equipment is passive vibration isolation. But now with the increasing demand of the precision industry, active vibration isolation has become a new trend.

Active vibration isolation technology is not only the product of human demand for production and life, but also the inevitable result of the combination of vibration technology and modern control technology. With the continuous expansion of the application field, it has become a hot spot in the research and application of control technology. Many control theories and control methods have been applied in this field, and some new control methods are constantly being researched and applied. At the same time, the research also found that active vibration isolation and passive vibration isolation have their own advantages and disadvantages, and one vibration isolation method can’t completely replace the other method. Therefore, combining the primary and passive vibration isolation technologies will overcome the limitations of using a vibration isolation method alone.

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