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Application of Rubber Vibration Dampening Mounts Structure Device

For seismic action, the traditional structural design adopts the countermeasure of "anti-seismic", which mainly considers how to provide the structure with the ability to resist seismic action. Correct "seismic" design can ensure the safety of the structure and prevent the collapse of the structure, and the damage of structural components is inevitable. The rubber vibration dampening mounts technology is a simple, economical and advanced engineering seismic means.

At present, rubber bracket is the most commonly used vibration isolation device in vibration isolation structure. Under the action of temperature and traffic load (low cycle fatigue), the lead core of the ordinary rubber vibration dampening mounts will produce fatigue shear failure, which will lead to a significant reduction in the damping performance. At the same time, the ordinary bracket is prone to rubber cracking and lead core exposure in the use process, which will also cause environmental pollution. Therefore, using stable rubber vibration dampening mounts can effectively ensure the safety of engineering structure, and rubber vibration dampening mounts can avoid pollution to the ecological environment.

Rubber vibration dampening mount is added carbon black and other additives in the vulcanization process of natural rubber. The shape and structure ofrubber vibration dampening mounts are the same as that of natural rubber bracket. Rubber vibration isolation bracket can absorb energy by itself. Because of the integration of rubber vibration dampening mounts and dissipation function, rubber vibration dampening mounts can save space and is convenient for construction.

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