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Metal Rubber Shock Isolator and Its Advantages

Metal rubber shock isolator is a kind of elastic porous material, which is based on the research of metal rubber technology. Metal rubber components with special properties can be prepared by using this material. Metal rubber components of metal rubber shock isolators are made of metal wires and do not contain any ordinary rubber, but they have the same elasticity and porosity as rubber. It is especially suitable for solving such difficult problems as damping, vibration reduction, filtering, sealing, throttling, sound absorption and noise reduction under high and low temperature, large temperature difference, high pressure, high vacuum, strong radiation, severe vibration and corrosion. Various structural shapes can be prepared according to different working conditions. Moreover, the metal rubber shock isolator has the characteristics of long storage and service life of metal rubber and no aging phenomenon. It is the best substitute for ordinary rubber under special working conditions of aerospace, national defense weapons and equipment and civil products.
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