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Damping Spring Isolator for Generator Set

Diesel generators are very common as standby power supply for factories, large property and large communities. Its tremendous vibration and roaring field are impressive. Nowadays, the vibration and noise of diesel generating sets have already attracted the attention of generator manufacturers, generator installation companies and generator users. Generally, rubber shock absorbers are marked when generating units leave the factory. When some equipments leave the factory, the damper spring isolator is installed at the request of the owner. This paper introduces the special damper spring isolator and rubber shock absorber for vibration reduction of generating units.
Rubber dampers commonly used in large generating units include rubber gaskets and metal rubber dampers. Rubber gasket is believed to be able to understand that it does not need to be fixed, directly under the base of Dafa generating unit can play a certain role in shock absorption; Metal rubber shock absorber is generally installed between the two bases under the generating unit. At present, most generating units are equipped with rubber shock absorbers when they leave the factory.
However, its shock absorption effect is quite different. We will analyze the reason for you. The price of fake and inferior products is much lower than that of regular shock absorbers. In addition, the lack of knowledge of shock absorbers has resulted in the pure shape of shock absorbers purchased by many generator manufacturers, but the performance of shock absorbers is very general. Generally rubber shock absorbers need a good compression curve, rated downpressure should be 5-8MM; the material should be chloroprene, natural rubber as the best, and recycled rubber should not be used.
Damping spring isolator has better vibration reduction effect than rubber isolator. It has longer service life, lower natural frequency and better vibration reduction performance. The special damper spring isolators for generating units have the following characteristics: excellent surface antirust treatment, suitable structural strength, adjustable height and stable spring performance.
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