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Drum Wire Isolation Mount

At present, almost all the vibration isolation components of the engine are rubber shock isolators. The stiffness of the rubber shock isolator is too high, and the natural frequency of the isolation system is high. It only acts on the high frequency components, but not on the medium and low frequency components. On the contrary, it enlarges the excitation. On the one hand, the traditional flat steel wire rope isolator is limited by its structure and has a small bearing capacity, and it is very inconvenient to install and adjust it in the application of high-power marine diesel engine. On the other hand, due to the unequal lateral stiffness, the stability of vibration isolation performance is affected.
Performance characteristics of drum wire isolation mount
1. Excellent shock absorption and impact resistance;
    2. It uses friction and deformation between steel wires to generate nonlinear damping, which can absorb vibration energy greatly and improve the service life of power equipment;
    3. Non-linear with soft stiffness, the equipment is less deformed and stable in normal operation.
    4. Compact structure, small space, can be installed and used in narrow occasions, easy to replace.
    5. High and low frequency vibrations can be absorbed by large amplitude;
    6. The dynamic amplification factor is less than 3, the rubber shock absorber is 8, and the spring shock absorber is 20-30.
    7. Low transfer rate;
    8. Only elastic deformation occurs under strong impact, and no permanent deformation occurs;
    9. Stainless steel wire rope and round stainless steel splint are adopted, which are resistant to high temperature and corrosion and free from salt fog, oil and organic solution.
    10. It can be used under various stress conditions, such as tension, pressure, shear, shaking and suspension, and it has three-dimensional isolation and cheerfulness;
    11. It takes into account the three functions of vibration isolation, buffering and noise reduction of high frequency structure of elastic supporting elements;
    12. Stable performance, long life, and generally no need for replacement;
    13. Its special rope structure can suppress the high frequency wave effect which is hard to avoid by the usual metal vibration isolator;
    14. With obvious non-linear characteristics, it has better characteristics than other vibration isolators in shock resistance and passive isolation;
    15. It has frequency conversion characteristics. The ambient vibrations are very complex.
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