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GX Series Wire Rope Vibration Dampers

GH all-metal wire rope vibration damper is a new type of isolator developed in recent years at home and abroad. It has three-dimensional variable stiffness and variable damping characteristics. It can meet the requirements of vibration isolation and noise reduction for aircraft, tanks, oil well logging vehicles and ocean transportation equipment. So that electronic equipment can work normally in bad mechanics, is an ideal product to replace the traditional vibration isolator.

GX wire rope vibration damper: GX wire rope vibration damper is an improved isolator based on GH wire rope vibration damper in order to prevent steel rope from aging in the Z-axis direction after the withdrawal of GJB-150. Except for all the properties and characteristics of GH type wire rope vibration isolator, its impact resistance has been greatly improved.

GX-N type wire rope vibration damper: GX-N type wire rope vibration isolator is further improved on the basis of GX type wire rope vibration isolator. In addition to all the properties and characteristics of GH and GX wire rope isolators, the impact resistance can reach 100G, and the lateral stability at low frequency has been greatly improved.

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