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High Damping Vibration Absorber Rubber

What is high damping vibration absorber rubber?
The damping structure is basically made up of two elements, one is a spring support and the other is a buffer. Spring support, which directly supports ordinary buildings, can make the horizontal wave period of buildings longer than the period of seismic waves in the case of earthquake. In the state of supporting the building, it plays the role of spring to guarantee the slow reciprocating movement in the horizontal direction. The most commonly used support for the spring is the laminated product of rubber and iron plate, that is, laminated rubber for shock absorption.
In addition, the buffer is used to control the horizontal displacement of the building in the earthquake within a certain range. At the same time, the shaking of the building during the earthquake will attenuate as soon as possible. In this kind of buffer, there are elastoplastic buffer which use metal plastic deformation, viscous buffer which use viscous body shear resistance force, and oil pressure buffer which use damping hole. The contractors are developing their own buffers.
In Japan, shock absorbing structures are usually arranged in parallel with shock absorbing rubber and buffers. However, when the shock absorber is set in parallel with a separate buffer, the cost of construction and maintenance of the buffer increases in addition to the buffer itself, which inevitably increases its cost. Additional, because shock absorber and buffer are below the floor bristly, this makes the space below the floor becomes narrow, increased many difficulties to the operation.
So the damping effect is directly given to the shock absorbing rubber, and a whole type of shock absorbing rubber with spring effect and attenuation effect is developed. The first form of the integral rubber is the shock absorbing rubber with lead. The structure is to empty the shock absorption rubber center and seal the lead in it. In nature, it is completely similar to the split type aseismic structure. In addition, there is another type of integral damping rubber, which has both damping rubber and lead rod buffer arranged side by side with spring effect and attenuation effect. This is the high damping vibration absorber rubber, this kind of shock absorbing rubber is not a combination of shock absorbing rubber, but a kind of shock absorbing rubber with high damping and hysteretic property. The high damping vibration absorber rubber has been used in California court buildings, but its damping capacity is not very good.
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