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  • Classification of Vibration Control Methods 2019/02/27 In order to effectively suppress the harm of vibration and noise, vibration control technology has been widely studied and applied. The so-called vibration control is to take measures in design or ins... View
  • The Harm Caused by Vibration and Noise 2019/02/25 With the rapid development of modern industry, all kinds of production machinery and transport machinery are increasingly developing towards high speed, high efficiency, high precision and automation.... View
  • Overview of Vibration Isolation and Elimination Methods 2019/02/24 According to whether the purpose of isolator is to isolate the response or the source, the methods of isolation can be divided into passive isolation and active isolation.(1) passive vibration isolati... View
  • Development Direction of Vibration Isolation Technology 2019/02/23 With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for vibration control in production and life, as well as the emergence of modern intelligent technology and automatic control technology, the d... View
  • The Difference between Stainless Steel Splint and Aluminium Splint of Wire Rope Isolator 2019/02/22 Wire rope isolators have been widely used in the isolation and buffering of airborne, vehicle-borne, shipborne and other electronic, mechanical equipment, computers and instruments, the safety protect... View
  • Electronic Products and Vibration Shock 2019/02/21 With the progress of science and technology, more and more electronic products are applied in harsh environment, which requires higher safety and reliability of products. There are many factors affect... View
  • Effects and Solutions of Impact and Vibration 2019/02/20 Shock and vibration affect the performance and life of various mechanical and electrical equipment. In most cases, the impact and vibration are avoided through a combination of elastic elements (metal... View
  • Common Types of Vibration Isolators 2019/02/19 The main vibration isolators used in engineering practice are metal spring isolator, wire rope isolator, rubber isolator, metal rubber isolator and air spring isolator.1. Metal spring isolatorMetal sp... View
  • Reasons for Rubber Used as Shock Absorber 2019/01/29 Because of its superior performance and low cost, it has been widely used in all walks of life and shows a strong product competitiveness. With what advantages does rubber shock absorber have such a l... View
  • Scope and Occasion of Application of Rubber Shock Absorber 2019/01/28 When choosing a shock absorber, we should first understand its characteristics, and then choose it according to the use environment. The characteristics of rubber shock absorber are that its shape ca... View
  • Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Rubber Shock Absorber 2019/01/27 Advantage:1. It can be made into products of various shapes and different hardness, with outstanding elasticity and sufficient strength;2. It can make the natural frequency of the vibration isolation ... View
  • Maintenance Skills of Rubber Shock Absorber 2019/01/26 Today, we share several maintenance techniques of rubber shock absorber. For shock absorber, rubber shock absorber and spring shock absorber are popular shock absorbers at present. Because these two k... View
  • Matters Needing Attention When Using Rubber Shock Absorber 2019/01/25 As we all know, the types of rubber shock absorbers are various now, and their application scope is more and more extensive. Not only in life, transportation, but also in many industries, it can be sa... View
  • How to Choose Rubber Shock Absorber of High Quality 2019/01/24 When choosing rubber shock absorber, we should first understand its characteristics and select according to the environment. Its advantage is that the rubber itself is very flexible, and the texture i... View
  • Selection of Spring Shock Absorber 2019/01/23 Urban construction tends to be high-level, and people's living water needs to be pressurized and promoted. As an important equipment for pressurized promotion, water pumps are used more and more widel... View