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Introduction of wire rope vibration isolator

Wire rope vibration isolator consists of a stainless steel wire rope wounded between the upper and lower splints.

After fixing two clamping plates at the upper and lower parts, vibration isolation can be achieved by bending the wire rope. The rigidity and damping of the wire rope depend on the diameter of the wire rope, the number of rings, and the way the wire rope is held. Its main advantages include:
  • Excellent vibration isolation and shock resistance.
  • The vibration energy can be greatly absorbed by non-linear damping generated by friction and deformation of steel wire.
  • The deformation of the vibration isolator is small during normal operation. But large deformation can be generated in case of sudden impact, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;
  • It can be used under various stress conditions such as tension, pressure, shear, suspension, etc. It is with three-dimensional isolation.
  • The three functions of vibration isolation, buffering and reducing high-frequency structure noise are considered;
  • Its unique rope structure inhibits the high-frequency fluctuation effect that metal vibration isolators are usually difficult to avoid;
  • It has obvious nonlinear characteristics and has excellent characteristics that cannot be matched by other vibration isolators in terms of shock resistance and passive vibration isolation.

The wire rope vibration isolator is highly adaptable to the environment. It has obvious nonlinear buffering and isolating function for shock and other unfavorable working conditions. Wire vibration isolator can also significantly eliminate the high-frequency standing wave effect. Because of the advantages above, it is more and more widely used in military, aerospace and other important fields.
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