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Major Breakthrough in Key Technology of Industrial Engineering Vibration Control in China

Industrial vibration control is a multi-specialty comprehensive technology based on civil engineering, and it is an important technical guarantee for normal operation of industrial equipment. With the development of high-end industrial equipment in China, the demand for vibration control of production environment is higher and higher.
Propose basic technical theory of industrial engineering vibration control
In order to solve the problems existing in the theoretical analysis and application of vibration control in industrial engineering, the method of industrial vibration control analysis based on the transfer law of vibration in engineering medium is systematically established. The complete vibration control index and evaluation criteria are determined, and the theoretical analysis method of complex F multi-vibration control of industrial equipment is established.
Forming a complete set of vibration control technology for precision equipment
In view of the difficult problems in vibration control of precision equipment, such as calculation accuracy, analysis efficiency and optimization control, the fast analysis algorithm of the similarity ratio of micro-vibration transfer function and dynamic configuration method of self-repairing model are proposed for the first time at home and abroad. The degree of freedom decoupling analysis technique of the micro-vibration control system, the vibration control design method of stable low-frequency modal distribution and the integrated control technique of complex vibration system are established. A set of vibration control technology for precision equipment has been developed.
The "research and application of key technologies for vibration control in industrial engineering" project has established a fine theoretical analysis system for vibration control in industrial engineering, and formed a complete set of technologies for vibration control of precision and large equipment. A number of research achievements have filled the gaps in related technical fields at home and abroad. It has also realized engineering and industrialization, promoted the scientific and technological progress of vibration control technology in China, and provided a strong technical guarantee for improving the technical level of China's industrial equipment and industry, promoting industrial upgrading and enhancing the international competitiveness of industrial equipment, with remarkable social and economic benefits.
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