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Principle and Application of Rubber Shock Isolator

The shock isolator of rubber bearing has a relatively wide range of use, which can be used in the compression state, or can be sheared at will. And the best thing about it is that it has enough internal damping that you can use it in some static displacement environment, and of course it can make all kinds of shapes, its adaptability to space is relatively diversified, but it will produce certain aging phenomenon after a long time of use. But it must be admitted that there are great benefits to isolating high frequency vibrations.
The rubber shock isolator itself takes rubber as the main body, with high rigidity, low bearing capacity and free choice of extension direction. It can be sheared. There are many kinds of rubber, usually natural and synthetic. Natural rubber is stronger and more stretchable when it is made into vibration isolator. Its abrasion resistance and cold resistance are better. Its mechanical performance is also good. It fits well with metal, but ages quickly in some hot environments. The synthetic rubber has good oil resistance and heat resistance. But the common advantage of both natural and synthetic rubber is that the damping is large, which reduces the frequency, reduces the amplitude of the resonance, and changes the texture when it's pressed.
Vibration frequency also has a certain impact on rubber. The higher the frequency, the smaller the chance of deformation. High frequency vibration will cause rubber to lose elasticity. Temperature is a key factor in the use of rubber isolators. The effects of high and low temperatures can lead to rubber deformation or inelasticity. There is a certain difference between rubber vibration isolators. Compressible shock isolators are generally used in large space places, and can be made into various styles to meet the needs of space. Some round, square rubber isolators are compressible. Shear shock isolators can be used at will when the rigidity requirement is not strict. The isolation effect is good, but the stability is poor, and the shape can be diversified. The shear type is like a kind of compressible isolator with lateral protection, whose shape changes randomly. The force is mainly applied in the pressure and shear, and it is used in the occasions where the requirement of isolation and stability is relatively high.
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