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Scope and Occasion of Application of Rubber Shock Absorber

 When choosing a shock absorber, we should first understand its characteristics, and then choose it according to the use environment. The characteristics of rubber shock absorber are that its shape can be designed according to demand, its stiffness can be adjusted, its damping ratio is larger than that of spring, its shear resistance, tension resistance, compression resistance and installation are simpler. Its defect lies in its higher natural frequency, shorter service life, more limited use environment, the general use of ambient temperature should be controlled between - 30 - 70 degrees Celsius, some chemical corrosion environment should choose rubber shock absorbers suitable for materials to dare to use.
At present, the main trend of rubber shock absorbers suitable for consumption is: natural rubber, chloroprene and butadiene-acrylic rubber; the market is full of shock absorbers made of recycled rubber, which have hard hand and no spring, non-linear load-compression ratio, rough surface, poor shock absorption effect and easy aging. Be careful in choosing and avoiding such dampers. 
Application Range of Rubber Shock Absorber
1. The vibration source belongs to vibration isolation and noise control of high-frequency rotating machinery and equipment. Example: When the rotational frequency of mechanical equipment is more than 1000 revolutions, rubber shock absorber should be used for fan, water pump, generator set, air conditioning main engine, etc.
2. For stamping equipment, the natural frequency of rubber shock absorber should be avoided. For example, punch, die cutter, press, etc.
3. Rubber shock absorbers are widely used in automobiles, aerospace and navigation due to their shock absorption functions in all directions.
4. Other machinery and equipment.
At the same time, due to the characteristics of the product itself, there are many places where rubber products industry is very inappropriate. First, rubber will become brittle at minus 30 degrees, and lose its elastic deformation. At this time, it can not play a role in vibration reduction. Therefore, in excessive cold environment, do not use rubber products to reduce vibration, so as not to achieve the desired effect. Rubber also can not withstand high temperature, just over 75 degrees Celsius, its internal structure will change, its elasticity will disappear intact, of course, no longer have any vibration absorption function. If the temperature continues to rise again, it may be extinguished. So suppose that in very high temperature environment, we must not use rubber shock absorber, otherwise, not only did not play the expected role of vibration reduction, so that accidents may occur.
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