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Selection of Spring Shock Absorber

Urban construction tends to be high-level, and people's living water needs to be pressurized and promoted. As an important equipment for pressurized promotion, water pumps are used more and more widely. But with a series of problems, it is necessary to analyze the origin of pump vibration, so that people can better control and control it.
First, install spring isolator
1. Selection of spring shock absorber style, generally choose self-supporting spring damper, its advantages are simple structure, low cost; the spring is exposed, easy to observe the state of the spring at any time, for the need to replace the spring in advance disposal, in order to avoid excessive damage to the spring rust, resulting in sudden subsidence of the pump causing equipment damage and pipeline breakage and other phenomena.
2. Selection of Spring
Generally, the spring used by shock absorber manufacturers should satisfy the following requirements: the diameter of the spring should not be less than 0.8 times the height under rated load; the spring should have a certain additional stroke; the vortex flowmeter should be at least 50% of the rated static deflection; and the horizontal stiffness of the spring should be at least 100% of the rigidity to ensure the stability of the shock absorber.
3. Selection of Deflection of Spring Damper

Generally, the rated deflection of spring damper (rated compression of spring) is 25MM (self-frequency value is about 3-4HZ), which can be used for vibration isolation of pump at 650 rpm. When the speed is lower than 650, spring isolator with deflection below 40 is recommended.

Second, install rubber isolator
Selection of rubber vibration isolator: Material is generally chloroprene rubber (C.R), natural rubber (N.R). Compressed rubber dampers are generally used, and shear rubber dampers are used for lighter-weight pumps. Compared with spring shock absorber, rubber shock absorber has relatively different isolation performance.

Third, install a sturdy base
In order to meet the more stringent vibration standards, when using a sturdy base, the use of a spring isolator is undoubtedly the best choice.
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