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Significance of Equipment Vibration Isolation for Industrial Development

Nowadays, vibration control is an important issue related to the safety of personnel and equipment. Especially with the more and more high-tech equipment put into use and the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for vibration control are also higher and higher. Effective reduction of vibration and its harm is an important subject in vibration control research. Vibration isolation of equipment can be said to be of great significance to industrial development.

At present, the world is in a period of high-speed development of science and technology, and human beings have made great achievements in the emerging fields of industry, aerospace, precision engineering and so on. At the same time, because these fields involve many disciplines, they have the characteristics of complex system, high degree of system integration, over-precision system and vulnerable to environmental impact. Among them, environmental vibration, especially environmental micro-vibration and structural micro-vibration within the system are very important factors affecting the stability of these complex systems.

With the progress and development of society, the mechanical processing industry has entered the era of precision and ultra-precision. Precision instruments are the key equipment in modern industrial production, testing and scientific experiments. However, when the vibration in the environment is too large, the processing quality of the equipment can not meet the required requirements, or the instrumental testing and experimental data are not accurate, which will lead to serious consequences. The main purpose of vibration isolation of equipment is to ensure that the relative vibration of equipment or other key areas (e.g. between parts and tools in precision manufacturing equipment, or between components of equipment) does not exceed the allowable limit value when given external excitation. Typical representatives such as precision machine tools, coordinate measuring instruments, etc.

Another is the machine and equipment itself as the source of vibration. The main purpose of vibration isolation of such equipment is to reduce the dynamic force transmitted to the foundation below the allowable value. Typically, such as forging hammer, hydraulic press and other equipment that produce impact force or machine with complex vibration spectrum components such as vibration exciter.

Bad dynamic environment will lead to precision loss or even failure of precision equipment. In order to protect the precision equipment on the aircraft, it is necessary to improve the dynamic environment. Using advanced equipment vibration isolation technology, that is, installing vibration isolator with vibration suppression function between precision equipment and installation foundation, may effectively reduce the vibration intensity of equipment. Among them, the active vibration isolation system based on the dominant structure has the characteristics of good control effect, light weight, fast response, small energy demand and simple and reliable structure.

Precision sensitive instruments and equipments are the important guarantee for the normal operation of spacecraft. They have to undergo complex and harsh vibration environment during launching and on-orbit operation. In order to improve its mechanical environment, improve the accuracy and reliability of the work, it is necessary to control its vibration.

With the development of modern science and technology, more and more occasions have put forward high requirements for vibration environment. Vibration control technology has been paid more and more attention in modern production and life, and has achieved more fruitful theoretical research results. It has been successfully applied to the seismic control of building structures, vibration reduction control of mechanical structures, precision machinery, instrumentation and platform stability control, vehicle and other vehicles. Comfort improvement and many other engineering fields.

Traditional passive vibration isolation technology has remarkable effect on high frequency vibration reduction, but the effect of low frequency vibration reduction is not ideal, and can not meet the high requirements of vibration reduction performance.
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