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The Promotion of Industrial Shock Absorber to the Development of National Economy

With the development of economy and the improvement of living standards, people put forward higher requirements for comfort and safety in industrial production process. As a key component of stable operation of industrial machinery, high-quality industrial shock absorber can effectively alleviate the vibration problems caused by the operation of mechanical equipment, ensure the safety and stability of operators, and ensure the service life and efficiency of mechanical equipment.

Because now in manufacturing, production, processing and other fields, a large number of automated production equipment are often used to carry out various production, processing or monitoring operations. When the equipment is placed, most of the equipment is directly placed on the ground, but at this time the bottom of the equipment is directly in contact with the ground, so it is vulnerable to the impact of ground vibration or humidity, which is not conducive to the safety and stability of the equipment. Scheduled operation.

Industrial shock absorbers are suitable for all kinds of automatic production equipment to avoid being affected by ground humidity. Their function of shock absorption is ideal. It is not easy to cause hard collision or vibration between the equipment and the ground or the platform. This not only weakens a lot of noise, but also greatly reduces the service performance and service life of the equipment. It can effectively bear all levels of load and deformation, effectively isolate vibration and noise, and has good anti-vibration efficiency. Besides dishes, it can also effectively eliminate all kinds of rotating or reciprocating impact vibration, and its structure is strong, weather resistance is good, installation is simple and applicable to all kinds of mechanical equipment and vibration cushioning design.

With the rapid development of modern industry, vibration and noise have become serious problems in various fields. It will reduce the operation accuracy, affect product quality; shorten product life, make high-precision instruments not working properly; endanger safety, make equipment or structures damaged early; pollute the environment and affect human health, such as earthquakes, and even cause great damage to human life and property.

Industrial shock absorbers have the characteristics of fatigue resistance, high strength, large bearing capacity and long service life.

Industrial shock absorbers have a wide range of loads, which are easy for users to choose, low natural frequency, good isolation effect, compact structure, small size, convenient installation and replacement, safe and reliable use.

Industrial shock absorbers have strong adaptability to the working environment, and can work normally in the environment of - 40 ~110 ~C. The natural frequency within the normal working load range is 2HZ-5HZ, which has obvious effect on isolation of active isolation, passive isolation, shock vibration and solid sound transmission. It is an ideal shock absorber for isolating vibration and reducing noise, controlling vibration pollution and protecting environment.
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