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Vibration Absorbing Mounts


Vibration absorbing mounts can be divided by the Angle of the structure

The structure of the vibration absorbing mount is a piston rod with a piston inserted into the cylinder and filled with oil in the cylinder. The piston has throttling holes so that the oil in the space separated by the piston complements each other. The damping force is generated when the viscous oil passes through the throttling hole. The smaller the throttling hole, the greater the damping force, the greater the viscosity of the oil and the greater the damping force. Since the piston moves in both directions, both sides of the piston are equipped with spring valves called compression valves and stretch valves.
According to its structure, the vibration absorbing mount is divided into two types: single and double. It can be further divided into:
1. Single-barrel pneumatic shock absorber;
2. Double-barrel oil pressure damper;
3. Double-barrel oil and gas shock absorber.

Double drum type: the vibration absorbing mount has two inner and outer cylinders, and the piston moves in the inner cylinder. As the piston rod enters and draws out, the volume of oil in the inner cylinder increases and shrinks accordingly. Therefore, the balance of oil in the inner cylinder should be maintained through exchange with the outer cylinder. Therefore, there should be four valves in the dual shock absorber, that is, in addition to the two throttle valves on the piston mentioned above, there should also be a flow valve and a compensation valve installed between the inner and outer cylinders for the completion of exchange.
Single cylinder type: compared to double cylinder type, single cylinder type vibration absorbing mount is simple in structure and reduces a set of valve system. It has a floating piston on the bottom of the cylinder. An airtight chamber formed under the floating piston is filled with nitrogen at high pressure. The above mentioned change in liquid level due to the piston rod entering and leaving the oil is automatically adapted to it by floating the piston. In addition to the above two vibration absorbing mounts, there are also resistance adjustable vibration absorbing mounts. It can change the size of the throttle hole by external operation.

Description of the cylinder vibration absorbing mount:

The shock absorber is widely used in automotive suspension system, and can play a role in the compression and extension stroke of the vibration absorbing mount, so it is also called two-way acting shock absorber.
Because the spring stiffness and pre-tightening force of the expansion valve are designed to be greater than that of the compression valve, under the same pressure, the total cross-sectional area of the expansion valve and the corresponding normal opening and passage is smaller than that of the compression valve and the corresponding normal opening passage. This makes the damping force generated by the stretching stroke of the shock absorber greater than the damping force generated by the compression stroke, which meets the requirement of rapid damping.
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