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What Does a Car's Vibration Absorbing Mounts Do? What Happens to the Car if it Breaks Down?

Vibration absorbing mount is mainly used to restrain the shock of spring rebound and the impact from the road. The shock-absorbing spring filters the vibrations of the road when it passes through rough roads, but the spring itself moves back and forth, and the vibration absorbing mount is used to keep the spring from jumping. So the shock absorber is dampening the springs, not the body. If the shock absorber is too soft to absorb the vibration of the spring quickly, the body will jump up and down. The adhesion between the tire and the ground is not good, but the comfort of the car is better. If the shock absorber is too hard, there is too much resistance to the spring's cushioning function, but the traction between the tire and the ground is better, so some sports cars or SUVs are hard to vibrate.
When a vibration absorbing mount is damaged, the corresponding wheel is equivalent to no vibration absorbing mount. In this way, the vibration absorbing mount effect of the car body will be greatly reduced. The most obvious manifestation is that the wheel makes a "loud" sound when it is over a bump or speed bump. At the same time, the adhesion between the wheel and the ground decreases. In case of road bumps or bends, the wheel will leave the ground and the car is in danger of losing control.
Therefore, after the vibration absorbing mount leaks oil, it is necessary to reduce the speed of the vehicle, especially the speed when turning.  Otherwise, the vibration damping effect of these two vibration absorbing mounts are different, which will lead to the inconsistent left and right steering of the car and the inconsistency of body roll. This will not only affect the ride comfort, but also seriously affect the control of the car, which will make the car difficult to control when changing lanes at high speed, overtaking and crossing corners, increasing the risk of driving. So don't try to save money by replacing only damaged shock absorbers. In addition, parts related to wheel positioning will be removed when the vibration absorbing mount is replaced, so a four-wheel positioning is needed to prevent wheel positioning misalignment.
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