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Seismic Application in Explosive Shock and Vibration Environment

With the deepening of isolation research and the development of isolation technology, nonlinear isolators suitable for various occasions have emerged. Laminated springs for the automotive industry are widely used in China. The principle is to use the dry friction between the steel plates to reduce the vibration and impact caused by the unevenness of the road. There are metal conical coil springs for the civil industry, as well as air springs. Among them, the wire rope vibration dampers will produce sliding friction between each wire rope during the whole deformation process, which consumes a large amount of energy and has a high equivalent damping ratio. Moreover, the wire rope isolator for vibration damping exhibits nonlinear softening characteristics in a large deformation range, the stiffness decreases as the deformation increases, and the vibration isolation rate increases. Therefore, the good broadband isolation performance of the wire rope vibration dampers is especially suitable for the application of the shock and vibration environment isolation.

Wire rope isolator for vibration damping has only been developed in the last thirty years and has four distinct advantages:
1.Nonlinear soft characteristics;
2.Multi-directional isolation, high damping ratio;
3.Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance;
4.Compact structure and light weight.

Wire rope vibration dampers can be used in the following ways:

1.Vibration and noise reduction of equipment on various ships.

Ships may be subject to underwater contact explosions or non-contact explosions. The recoil generated by the launch of its own weapons will also create a strong impact environment. A wire rope isolator for vibration damping can be installed on the ship's missile launcher, sonic locator bracket, navigation device, launch control instrument and communication facility.

2. Vibration isolation of equipment on an aerospace plane.

When the space shuttle is launched, the rocket engine's high-pressure air ducts and regulating valve devices are exposed to high temperatures and strong vibrations. In addition, the operating temperature of the starter and air duct of the aircraft engine is also high, and only the wire rope vibration dampers can solve the problem.

3. Isolation of missile transport and launch system components.

The installation of wire rope isolators for vibration damping on the missile's warhead, engine, navigation system and other components ensures that these components work properly. The universal power cruise missile launch control center also has a wire rope vibration damper.

4. Transport vehicles for precision instruments are vibration-damped.

The installation of wire rope isolators for vibration damping on the delivery of precision instruments such as transport electronics, video instruments, medical equipment, computers, calibration laboratory instruments, etc. ensures the safe transport of these instruments.

5. Isolation in protective engineering.

Under the precision-guided deep-drilling weapon, there will be strong shock and vibration inside the protection project. In order to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment inside the project, effective isolation measures must be taken. Due to the relatively humid underground environment and the presence of corrosive gases, ordinary isolators are difficult to guarantee the durability of the isolation system. Wire rope vibration dampers are available.
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