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Static Characteristics of Wire Rope Isolator for Vibration Damping

The restoring force of wire rope isolator for vibration damping has the characteristic of typical non-linear hysteresis loop. Such a curve is very irregular, which indicates that the isolator has strong non-linear characteristics.

In order to analyze the system characteristics and dynamic response of wire rope isolator for vibration damping, it can be considered that in such a system, the characteristics of damping, stiffness and mass do not change with time during the allowable service life. Moreover, when a particle moves, the energy of the system is dissipative, so it can be assumed that the system is a conservative autonomous system. According to this assumption, the stiffness, drag coefficient and damping parameters of the system can be separated and identified separately.

Because the static curve of wire rope isolator for vibration damping is complex, some typical functions can not be accurately described. In mathematics, polynomial fitting is an effective tool for approaching complex data. Many complex curves can be accurately described by polynomials. However, in the process of using polynomial fitting, there may be oscillation and insolubility of high-order fitting. So it is not necessarily that the more fitting times are chosen, the better. While ensuring the accuracy of calculation, the number of polynomials must be properly controlled. Generally speaking, the number of polynomials is between 5 and 7.

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