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Study on Characteristics of Wire Rope Isolator for Vibration Damping

The gradual soft non-linear stiffness and hysteretic damping effect of wire rope isolator for vibration damping greatly affect the dynamic characteristics of the system. At the same time, the wire rope isolator for vibration damping is widely used in aerospace, airborne, vehicle-borne, shipborne, all kinds of precision electronic instruments, computers, communication equipment, vibration isolation and anti-vibration of key infrastructure and buildings, and engineering machinery because of its excellent characteristics, such as strong bearing capacity, wide operating temperature range, corrosion resistance, etc. The performance of wire rope isolator for vibration damping is closely related to the wire rope clamped. Different materials of steel wire, different forms of strand twisting structure, different clamping structure and other factors will affect the overall performance of wire rope isolator. After the steel wire rope is clamped by splint, the different deformation of each strand in the inner strand rope will cause different changes of friction force and relative position between strands and wires of the steel wire rope when it is subjected to external force. The ultimate performance is the difference of stiffness and damping characteristics of wire rope isolator for vibration damping. However, due to the complexity of the steel wire winding structure, the stress situation is more complex. Therefore, it is very difficult to analyze the performance of the isolator from the wire rope structure.
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