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What Is Wrong with the Rubber Metal Isolators So That It Can No Longer Be Used?

Rubber metal isolators can be used for shearing, compression or cutting, and are rarely used in tension situations. The advantage is that it can be made into various shapes and different stiffnesses. The disadvantage is that it will age for a long time and will have a large creep under heavy load (especially at high temperatures). What is wrong with the rubber metal isolators so that it can no longer be used?

What Is Wrong with the Rubber Metal Isolators So That It Can No Longer Be Used?

The rubber metal isolator is a metal hose for protecting precision optical scales and protecting sensing lines; it has good flexibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, tensile strength, water resistance, and can provide certain Shielding effect.
1. Weld cracks. Most of the flexible corrugated pipe sections in metal hoses are longitudinally welded pipes. Often due to the quality defects of the weld itself, the strength of the hose is insufficient to cause cracking at the weld;
2. The pressure is not enough to cause blasting. Due to the pressure of the conveying medium and the temperature being too high, the metal hose has insufficient pressure and a slope is exploding. Such damage is caused by mistakes in design selection. The selection should be carried out in strict accordance with the hose design selection criteria;
3. Fatigue damage. In the dynamic working state, the metal hose is subjected to cyclic loading and fatigue cracking often occurs. Such damage is a normal failure;
4. The metal hose wire mesh sleeve is pulled off. The virtual welding causes the screen cover to pull off. Due to the quality of the welding, the corrugated pipe, the ring and the wire mesh are caused to be partially welded in the trinity welding process;
5. The wire is broken. During the installation of the hose, the hose will be stretched and twisted due to improper installation or excessive pressure. When the stress caused by stretching or twisting exceeds the ultimate strength of the hose wire mesh sleeve, the mesh sleeve of the three-in-one welded portion of the hose or the mesh sleeve of other parts may be broken, thereby causing the outer drum of the bellows to be tensilely broken and causing the medium leakage;
6. Metal hose joint welding quality defects, resulting in hose leakage failure. When the hose body is welded to the hose joint, if it is not properly operated, welding defects may occur. These defects are difficult to find during the pressure test. When the metal hose is connected to the medium pipeline, cracks or fractures may occur at the defect due to fatigue and the like after long-term use, and finally the medium of the conveying pipeline leaks.
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