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Wire Rope Isolator

Wire Rope Isolator's prospects of application are wide.

The outstanding advantages of wire rope isolator

1. It includes the functions of elastic supporting component vibration isolation, cushion and reducing high-frequency noise.
2. It adopts stainless steel wire ropes and stainless steel splint, which can be used in the bad environmental condition.
3. It is no need to change because of its stable performance and long lifetime.
4. Its special rope structure restrains high-frequency fluctuation effect, which is hard to avoid for normal vibration isolator.
5. It has obvious nonlinear characteristics and good performance in shock resistance and passive vibration isolation while other vibration isolation does not.

Wire rope vibration isolator can produce large dynamic displacement, it can decrease strong shock as well as absorb and dissipate low-high frequency vibration. However, wire rope vibration isolator dry-friction damping is small with bad vibration isolation effect.

Brief introduction of wire rope isolator

Wire rope vibration isolator was developed successfully by America in the 1970s, it is a typical nonlinear vibration isolator, its damping force characteristics have something to do with deformation with good vibration isolation performance.

When the amplitude is large enough, the wire rope isolator is using dry-friction damping of each wire rope to absorb and dissipate vibration energy.

When the amplitude is small, there is no dry-friction damping between each wire rope, it is elastic amplitude depends on wire rope component.

The wire rope vibration isolator is a new generation of the elastic component, its advantages are known by people gradually, it is successfully used in ships, warships and aerospace fields.
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