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GH-30G Anti Vibration Shock Mounts For Military Defense

Wire rope isolators are also called wire vibration isolators or anti vibration shock mounts which are comprised of stainless steel stranded cable threaded through aluminum retaining bars that are mounted for effective shock and vibration isolation.

With their corrosion resistant, all-metal construction, Xi'an Hoan's wire rope isolators are environmentally stable, high-performance shock and vibration isolators that are unaffected by temperature extremes, chemicals, oils, ozone and abrasives.

The max shock of the GH series shock and vibration mounts is 30G, which is specially used for military or defense. Or any other conditions require the special shock up to 30G.

This GH 30G military defense vibration isolator model is designed originally for the protection of the vibration shock occurred in the moving of Tank in the military activities. In order to offer the fluent and persistent signal communication received by the soldiers during the military defense activities to ensure the received information is correct and in-time.
There are 6 models included in the GH 30G military defense vibration isolator, which has the Pz static load from 10N (1.02kg) to 60N (6.12kg).

Comparing with other mode wire rope isolator, the GH-10A model anti vibration shock mounts can provide better cost-effective, simultaneous shock and vibration attenuation than any other traditional isolators.

The defense vibration isolators are now widely used in the field of military vehicles, armored cars, missile, launcher, highway transportation, marine, shipbuilding, navy, energy, photographic equipment, aerial equipment, communication apparatus, electronic sensing devices, mobile electronic devices, cameras or any other needed working conditions.

Application of isolation and absorber device for important industrial equipment

With the acceleration of modernization,  a large number of sophisticated facilities and expensive, complex industrial equipment, lifeline projects are being built or have been put into use, such as complex automatic production lines, large computer systems, precision instruments, transmission and transformation equipment, etc. In recent years, the aseismic capacity of building structures has been significantly improved, buildings equipped with such equipment generally will not collapse in an earthquake. Some of the equipment is built on the ground, and some are installed on the floor,  in the event of a destructive earthquake, violent vibration can destroy the vulnerable parts of the equipment and lose its precision, or because of sliding, dropping and other loss of use, thereby affecting the entire production line, production system work. On the other hand, it is ofter difficult to repaire these devices, which is especially true for imported equipment without spare parts. The earthquakes damage of important industrial equipment in Los Angeles earthquake and Hanshin earthquake in Japan also prove this. Therefore, it is of great significance to ensure the earthquake safety of the key equipment of the important industrial facilities, the key parts of the lifeline project and other important precision equipments, and to prevent the earthquake disaster losses caused by the important industries, which are of great significance for the disaster relief and recovery of production after the earthquakes.

The aseismic problem of important industrial facilities can be solved by isolation method. The approach is to install isolators between the objects that need to be protected against earthquakes and the foundations, The huge spreading wave energy is absorbed and dissipated after passing through the isolator, the seismic deformation mainly occurs on isolation device, it will make the vibration kinetic energy and seismic deformation of the moving objects can be controlled within the range that the equipment can withstand, and protect equipment will not be damaged by the strong vibration of the earthquake. According to the same principle, energy dissipation materials can be used to design shock absorbers to absorb vibration caused by machines placed on the floor or on the ground, will make  the machine to the floor or ground vibration greatly reduced, create a good working environment.

There have been many successful examples of the application of seismic isolation technology in building structures, such as New Zealand, the United States, Japan, China and other countries have used lead dampers, laminated rubber pads and other isolation technology to build a number of buildings, which shows excellent seismic capacity in earthquake practice. The practical experience shows that the structural design of a building can be carried out by one to two degrees lower than that of the traditional seismic design method by using the isolation technique, and it can effectively solve the seismic problem of precision equipment floating on floor or mesa.Therefore, New Zealand, the United States, Japan and Italy have widely used seismic isolation technology as a practical technology in housing construction and bridges, and survived the earthquake, Japan, New Zealand and other countries have drawn up the design code for the application of seismic isolation technology to all kinds of structures; seismic isolation technology has also made a lot of achievements in earthquake resistance of important industrial equipment, France, South Africa and other countries have adopted seismic isolation technology on the main equipment of nuclear power plants. The construction of nuclear power station in high intensity seismic area and seismic isolation technology to deal with the seismic problem of important industrial equipment have begun to show strong vitality.

Great progress has also been made in the research of isolation technology in China, some relevant units have carried out research from design theory to engineering practice, and adopted foreign patented products to construct several isolated demonstration buildings.

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