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30G Shock Absorption Vibration Protection GH-40A Wire Rope Isolator For Military Defence

Wire rope shock mounts are comprised of stainless steel stranded cable threaded through aluminum retaining bars that are mounted for effective shock and vibration isolation.

With their corrosion resistant, all-metal construction, Xi'an Hoan's wire rope isolators are environmentally stable, high-performance shock and vibration isolators that are unaffected by temperature extremes, chemicals, oils, ozone and abrasives.

The GH-40A is the new designed 8 loops wire rope isolators with Pz nominal load of 30N (4.08kg).

The max shock of the GH series is 30G, which is specially used for military or defense.

This GH-40A model is widely used in the field of armored cars, missile, military vehicles, launcher, highway transportation, marine, , navy, energy, photographic equipment, aerial equipment, communication apparatus, electronic sensing devices, mobile electronic devices, cameras or any other needed working conditions.

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  • Model Number Code Ordering of GH-40A:

    Model Number Code Ordering  of GH-40A:
  • Structural Diagram Of GH-40A:

    Structural Diagram Of GH-40A:
  • Technical Parameter Of GH-40A:

    Technical Parameter Of GH-40A:
  • Dimension of GH-40A:

    Dimension of GH-40A:
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