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A Brief Introduction to Wire Rope ​Isolators Damping

Wire rope isolators damping (damping) refers to the characteristic that the vibration amplitude of any vibration system decreases gradually due to the external action or the inherent reason of the system itself, as well as the quantitative characterization of this characteristic. In electricity, it means response time.

In order to provide the resistance of movement and reduce the energy of movement, the device is called wire rope isolators damper. Wire rope isolators damping is used to absorb energy and reduce vibration. In aerospace, aviation, military, gun, automobile and other industries, various wire rope isolators damping (or shock absorbers) have been used to reduce vibration and energy dissipation.

In physics, the decrease of the energy of the system -- the vibration of wire rope isolators damping is not always caused by "resistance". In terms of mechanical vibration, one is the heat generated by friction resistance, which makes the mechanical energy of the system reduce and convert into internal energy. This kind of wire rope isolators damping is called friction wire rope isolators damping; the other is the vibration of the surrounding particle caused by the system, which makes the energy of the whole system radiates out to all sides gradually and becomes the energy of waves. This kind of wire rope isolators damping is called radiation wire rope isolators damping.

Wire rope isolators damping is a kind of action that can block the relative motion of objects and convert the motion energy into heat energy or other energy that can be dissipated.

The main functions of wire rope isolators damping are as follows:
(1) wire rope isolators damping is helpful to reduce the resonance amplitude of mechanical structure, so as to avoid the mechanical damage caused by the vibration stress reaching the limit;
(2) wire rope isolators damping is helpful for the mechanical system to recover to a stable state soon after being impacted instantaneously;
(3) wire rope isolators damping is helpful to reduce the sound radiation caused by mechanical vibration and mechanical noise. The noise of many mechanical components, such as the shell of transportation tools and saw blades, is mainly caused by vibration. The use of wire rope isolators damping can effectively suppress the resonance and reduce the noise;
(4) it can improve the processing accuracy, measurement accuracy and working accuracy of all kinds of machine tools and instruments. All kinds of machines, especially precision machine tools, need high seismic resistance and dynamic stability when they work in a dynamic environment. The dynamic performance can be greatly improved by wire rope isolators damping;
(5) wire rope isolators damping is helpful to reduce the ability to transmit vibration. In the design of vibration isolation structure of a mechanical system, the effect of vibration isolation and damping can be significantly improved by using wire rope isolators damping technology reasonably.

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