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All-metal Wire Rope Shock Absorber

Main properties of this type of wire rope shock absorber product: It can ensure that the isolation system has good isolation performance under the condition of maximum safety impact (including earthquake). It adapts to all kinds of harsh environment conditions stipulated by military standards at home and abroad, has multi-directional elastic deformation, long service life and various installation modes. Especially suitable for harsh environmental requirements of shipborne, airborne, vehicle-borne military, high-tech and industrial products with special seismic requirements.

Wire rope shock absorber has been widely used in shipborne equipment and facilities, radar navigation system, Field Transportation Command system, missile delivery and launching device, military reinforcement machine, aerospace instruments, nuclear power plant, nuclear test shelter and various seismic test benches. The standard isolator series of wire rope shock absorbers have a bearing capacity of 0.1-3000kg and more than 120 specifications. Non-standard design can also be carried out according to the special technical requirements of users.

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