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Anti Vibration Mount

The rubber vibration isolation mounts are the newly designed model, providing superior attenuation of medium to high-frequency vibration and noise emanating which is designed especially for the military use. Comparing with the wire rope isolators, this model is small and tiny, which has no worrying about the space limits. And its metal outer shell is good for outdoor use, and prevent the damage to the rubber elastic element.
From the 1970s, the technology of rubber vibration isolation mounts is applied to the project construction of bridge, road, and railroad. Contact deformation, friction, and damping of vibrations occurring in temporary fastenings and permanent joints have the essential influence on dynamical properties of machines and devices. Many people find rubber isolation mounts suppliers and seek more reliable anti-vibration solutions.

Applications of Anti Vibration Mount

The anti vibration mount can also be used in the very narrow spaces to meet the mountable environmental requirements. This new type of friction damper is the very selection for the limits of the space under some special situations.

This model is the ideal choices for the military communication enterprises, research institution, and colleges. The anti-vibration mount can be specially used in many precision equipment and system in a helicopter, motor, embedded electronics, automotive, alternator, air compressor, mechanical equipment, construction, home appliance, aviation (aerospace anti vibration mounts), office facilities, test machines etc. It can load heavy duty machines (heavy duty anti vibration rubber mounts), it's good to reduce shock and noise.

Advantsges of Rubber Vibration Isolation Mounts

Rubber anti vibration mounts are a new type of vibration isolators, they are made of metal wire through several processes like spirally forming, drawing out, winding blank and mould pressing, its interior structure is space network structure by interlacing of metal wire, at the same time, it has elasticity and damping capacity which is similar to high molecular rubber material. When it is out of shape because of loading, fine wire hook chain structure will have slippage, friction, extrusion and elastic deformation, it will cause vibration reduction and cushion and dissipate a lot of vibrational energy by dry-friction damping.

Metal rubber belongs to discontinuous body pore material, so with the increase of the times of vibration, its interior metal wire will have the partial fracture and accumulated damage, which is different from continuous body pore material. Metal rubber is made of spiral wire, it not only has good elasticity like rubber material but also corrosion resistance, radio resistance, high and low-temperature resistance and age resistance like metal material. Therefore, the metal rubber vibration isolators is suitable for the special environmental condition. Metal rubber can also be made in all shapes and its relative density, weight, rigidity can be adjusted, it also has high dynamic static strength. At present, the metal rubber vibration isolators is widely used in auto ship and aerospace (aircraft anti vibration mounts) field.

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