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JMZ-1-3.0A Rubber & Metal Anti Vibration Isolator Mounts

JMZ-1-3.0A rubber isolation mounting feet belongs to the JMZ-1 series. Adopting the structure of double spring and special friction plate, our rubber isolation mounting feet has good impact resistance and a 3 kg maximum rated load. It can vibrate isolation in any direction. This type of rubber metal isolators have a wide operating frequency range and can be used in harsh environments such as high and low temperature and chemical pollution. They have good performances such as anti-humidity, anti-salt fog, high and low-temperature resistance, mold resistance and long service life.
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  • Model Number Code Ordering of JMZ-1-3.0B:

    Model Number Code Ordering of JMZ-1-3.0B:
  • Structural Diagram of JMZ-1-3.0B:

    Structural Diagram of JMZ-1-3.0B:
  • Dimension of JMZ-1-3.0B rubber isolation mounting feet:

    Dimension of JMZ-1-3.0B rubber isolation mounting feet:
  • Technical Parameter of JMZ-1-3.0B Rubber Isolation Mounting Feet:

    Technical Parameter of JMZ-1-3.0B Rubber Isolation Mounting Feet:
  • Vibration Curve of JMZ-1-3.0B Rubber Isolation Mounting Feet:

    Vibration Curve of JMZ-1-3.0B Rubber Isolation Mounting Feet:
  • Impact Curve of JMZ-1-3.0B Rubber Isolation Mounting Feet:

    Impact Curve of JMZ-1-3.0B Rubber Isolation Mounting Feet:

With the rapid development of modern industrial engineering, the various manufacturing machine, transportation machine are all developing to high speed, high efficiency, high precision, and automation. However, with the increase of equipment's power and speed, the intensity of the vibration source in engineering practice is increasing constantly, the harm is also obvious because of vibration and noise. Vibration does the great harm to operators, precision instruments, machinery equipment and architectural structure, at the same time, vibration and the noise is also bad for people's living condition and physical and mental health. Therefore, harm from vibration and noise is drawing more and more attention from researchers from various countries.

Vibration and noise are harmful in most cases, vibration hazards are regarded as one of the seven environmental hazards. The hazards of vibration and noise can be divided into the following aspects:

1. Harm to human bodies

When vibration is over certain strength, it will do harm to human bodies. People will have insomnia, lumbago, backache, fatigue, impotence, headache, dizzy, drowsy, gastro-intestinal, low appetite and weak attention id they are under the environment of large vibration and noise for a long time, it is also easy to make mistakes and technical error, what's worse, it will make people's senses blunt and cause physical illness.

2. Harm to structures of buildings

Vibration brings unsafe factors to buildings when vibration is acting on buildings, that is to say, mechanical energy is acting on buildings, it will create deformation. Vibration makes bigger deformation and setting of the ground. When vibration frequency and building structure frequency is the same or similar, the harm will be more serious, it even makes buildings fall down. Vibration will cause uneven sedimentation and damage plant and equipment if the basic geological condition of equipment is bad.

3. Produce noise and pollute the environment

At present, machinery equipment and power is larger and larger and its variety is more and more diversified, after the vibration from machinery equipment is transferred to basics, floors, walls and other structure, vibration will transfer to other room by elastic waves and create vibration between neighboring air, so the vibration of objects will be spread to everywhere in the form of sound wave, that is what we called noise. Ferroconcrete and metal are the good material for isolating air noise, but it makes no differences for solid state noise, sometimes a pump can break the peace of the whole building.

4. Influence the precision of precise instrument and equipment

Vibration breaks the accuracy, reliability and sensitivity. If the instruments and apparatus are near the strong vibration source, vibration will have the different influence on them. Influence on the normal operation of instruments and influence on the accuracy of the scale of apparatus reduces the precision of measurement, what's worse, it will make instruments out of order, especially for electric instruments.

Therefore, how to decrease the harm of vibration and noise efficiently is a very important issue for the industrial development all over the world, vibration control is the most direct way to decrease the harm of vibration and noise in engineering practice, so the research of vibration control is necessary for controlling vibration and noise.

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