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Application Of Rubber Isolation Mounting Feet In Mechanical Equipment

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The variable damping rubber isolation mounting feet are mainly used for the high-precision and high-efficiency protection foundation of mechanical equipment and assembly parts to prevent the impact caused by the vibration of the ground, or to prevent the vibration generated by the equipment itself from affecting the use of surrounding high-standard instruments and equipment. Tower feet are made of high-quality synthetic rubber and metal parts, which can effectively isolate vibration without horizontal inclination and excessive deformation. The damping is adjustable, which can be adjusted according to the vibration effect of the environment. The bottom plate is equipped with anti-skid rubber pad, so it is convenient and flexible to change its position without fixing the vibration isolating foot on the ground.

The rubber isolation mounting feet with variable damping is an essential basic equipment to eliminate the impact of environmental vibration on machining accuracy and testing in the process of high-tech research, precision machining and precision testing. It adopts high-strength multi-layer composite material air bag with independent intellectual property rights, adjustable damping technology of double air chamber throttle hole and automatic inflation self level matching technology. Using lower natural frequency can effectively avoid the resonance phenomenon caused by environmental vibration, control amplitude amplification, reduce vibration transmission rate, and ensure the high precision of processing and testing.

Application range of rubber isolation mounting feet with variable damping:
All kinds of precision instruments, precision mechanical equipment, precision machining, precision measurement and other vibration reduction and isolation (such as: vibration isolation of electric printing machine, vibration isolation of air conditioner, stamping vibration isolation, forging vibration isolation, etc.), applicable to high-precision reciprocating vibration control, laser optical test on the impact of external vibration sources, lithography and optical processing equipment Self vibration control, dynamic control and application of micro vibration in biopharmaceutical clamp and various electrophysiological experiments.
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