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Application of Rubber Vibration Absorber in Bulldozer


When it comes to rubber vibration absorber, everyone will definitely think of its application in automobiles. Do you know its application in bulldozers?

1. Application of rubber vibration absorber on engine

At present, there are many types of vibration isolation pads for generators, and rubber vibration absorbers have been widely used in the field of engine vibration and noise reduction due to their small size, low cost, and easy adjustment of elasticity and stiffness. Therefore, almost all current bulldozer diesel engines use rubber vibration absorber. The use of rubber for vibration damping on the supporting parts requires high requirements on the joint surface, and also need to pay attention to high temperature resistance and oil erosion. The rubber vibration absorber can not only isolate the vibration of the diesel engine during high-speed rotation, but also isolate the vibration of the diesel engine during idling, starting and stopping, and also prevent the resonance of various parts of the body.

2. Application of rubber vibration absorber on track

The rubber vibration absorber on the track guide wheel can absorb more than 80% of the vibration energy; and for the impact load, it can dissipate more than 50% of the impact energy.

When technology is applied to life and information technology is applied to production, industrial development has moved from mere manufacturing equipment to information technology, and the industrial manufacturing of various enterprises needs powerful auxiliary means to improve production efficiency and enterprise competitiveness. Under this general trend, rubber vibration absorber have injected new vitality into the machinery manufacturing industry.

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