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Application of Wire Rope Shock Absorber on Tracked Vehicle Seat


When the vehicle is running, the occupants are in a vibrating environment. Vibration intensity, resonance frequency and vibration time are the three major elements that harm the human body. When the vibration frequency is low, the vibration acceleration plays a major role; when the vibration frequency is high, the amplitude plays the major role. High frequency vibration mainly affects the nerve endings of various tissues of the human body. For vibrations of the same intensity and frequency, vibrations that can be tolerated in a short period of time may become intolerable over time.

Research data shows that when the vibration frequency is 10~30HZ, the visual disturbance is greatest. When the vibration frequency is 50HZ and the acceleration is 2m/s2, the vision is reduced by 50%. When the vibration is transmitted to the human body, the stability of the hands or feet will be worsened, and the accuracy of the operation action will be worsened. The greater the amplitude, the greater the impact.

Applying to wire rope shock absorber to the vibration and impact protection of tracked vehicle seats can attenuate internal and external excitations to the greatest extent, thereby reducing the intensity of vibration and suppressing the transmission rate at resonance, avoiding excessive fatigue of the driver and gunner, and improving crew vibration resistance time, which is of great significance for improving the combat performance of armored vehicles and the continuous combat capability of the crew.

Wire rope shock absorber made of upper and lower clamping steel plates and tightly wound stainless steel wire ropes, that is, a shock absorber that absorbs energy by using dry friction damping between each strand of wire rope during vibration, called a wire rope dry friction damping shock absorber, referred to as wire rope shock absorber. It can isolate vibration in three directions, and is not afraid of high temperature and chemical pollution, and can use the hysteretic damping produced by the dry friction between the strands of steel wire rope to dissipate energy, which is not available in traditional shock absorbers.

The wire rope shock absorber has a simpler structure than other existing non-linear shock absorbers, and the production process is easy to implement. It is suitable for the structural design of personnel seats under large shock and vibration conditions and the design of vibration damping structures for large mechanical equipment and instruments in complex environments.

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