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Application of Wire Rope Shock Absorber in Vibration and Shock Isolation


With the in-depth research of vibration isolation and the development of vibration isolation technology, nonlinear vibration isolators suitable for various occasions have emerged. Those widely used are laminated leaf springs used in the automotive industry, whose principle is to use dry friction between steel plates to reduce vibration and impact due to uneven roads; there are metal conical coil springs used in the civil industry, and air springs.

Among them, the wire rope shock absorber will produce sliding friction between each wire rope during the whole deformation process, consume a lot of energy, and have a high equivalent damping ratio; and the wire rope shock absorber shows nonlinear softening characteristics in a large deformation range. As the deformation increases, the stiffness decreases and the vibration isolation rate is increased. Therefore, the good broadband vibration isolation performance of the wire rope shock absorber is particularly suitable for the application of vibration isolation in the shock environment.

Wire rope shock absorbers have only been developed in the last thirty years. Compared with the above-mentioned shock absorbers, it has four obvious advantages: ①non-linear soft characteristics; ②multi-directional vibration isolation, high damping ratio; ③corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance; ④Compact structure and light weight.

At present, the common wire rope shock absorbers include spiral, arch and ring shapes. But no matter what kind, they are all made of stainless steel wire rope wound or bent. Their common advantage is that they have three-way protection for the equipment, can work reliably in high temperature and harsh environments, have a wide load-bearing range, unlimited storage period and service life. In terms of impact resistance, the maximum impact attenuation can be achieved in the smallest space, and its vertical allowable deformation can reach 40-60% of the height of the isolator.

Many countries use them for the transportation of some equipment, replacing the original plastic and rubber impact-resistant packaging. It is also used in rocket and missile transport vehicles. In terms of ships, it has passed the tests of light impact machine, heavy impact machine and floating impact platform, meeting the requirements of MIL-S-901 and MIL-STD-167. The wire rope shock absorber has good durability and fatigue resistance. A shock absorber with a rope diameter of 2.4mm has been tested for 150 hours and seven million times at 13HZ and ±1.5mm amplitude, and the results are safe. Input 25G to a shock absorber with a rope diameter of 1.5mm, and complete a frequency sweeping vibration test up to 10KHZ. As a result, the vibration isolation effect is 95%, which proves that the wire rope shock absorber can isolate small amplitude and structural noise. Wire rope shock absorbers are widely used in vibration and shock isolation of instruments, meters, control boxes, etc. Some occasions where rubber shock absorbers were originally used are replaced by steel rope shock absorbers.

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