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Brief Introduction of Research on Nonlinear Performance of Wire Rope Vibration Dampers

Wire rope vibration damper has been widely used because of its simple structure, easy installation, light weight and excellent vibration isolation performance. Such products can be found in machinery, transportation, aviation, ships and construction. As early as the early 1980s, some people studied wire rope vibration dampers, and developed a number of wire rope vibration dampers with non-linear characteristics through a large number of experiments. With the development of technology, the research and Simulation of the non-linear performance of wire rope vibration dampers are also deepening and developing.

Because of the large deformation of the wire rope vibration damper, the slip between the wires produces frictional resistance, thus forming a restoring force form of hysteretic loops. It includes not only strong geometric nonlinearity, but also considerable physical nonlinearity. It contains not only large friction resistance, but also viscous damping. It is a very complex mechanical system. In order to simplify the calculation, according to the shape of hysteresis loop and Dunhada's ideal friction model, a bilinear hysteresis model is established, which is also the most typical model in mathematics. At that time, it was believed that the natural frequency of wire rope vibration damper decreased with the increase of amplitude, and it had some characteristics of non-linear soft spring. In addition, some methods such as first-order non-linear differential equation model and trace method model are proposed.

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