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Characteristics of metal rubber vibration isolator


The metal rubber vibration isolator is able to reduce the vibration of spacecraft solar panels, significantly improving the photographic resolution and clarity of ground reconnaissance satellites as well as unmanned aerial vehicles, so it is widely used in the aerospace field.

The characteristics of metal rubber vibration isolator are as follows:

1. It has the elasticity of rubber and the pore characteristics of porous metals;

2. The unique damping characteristics provide exclusive precise vibration isolation for precision instruments and meters;

3. The three-dimensional equivalent-stiffness vibration isolator has approximately the same vibration and impact ability in any direction of the isolated space;

4. The metal rubber vibration isolator mounts have full environmental adaptability as well as long storage and service life. What's more, it is resistant to high and low temperature (-80℃--1000℃), saltwater spray, mold, humidity, ozone, grease, vacuum, sunlight, nuclear radiation, dust as well as various organic solvent corrosion;

5. Variable stiffness characteristics: The relationship between load and deformation takes on nonlinear characters, that is, the effect of gradually softening stiffness appears, which will reduce the "inherent frequency" of the system's spatial direction. As the magnitude of the external excitation increases, the "inherent frequency" of this product will decrease, so it has a good vibration isolation effect.

6. Variable damping characteristics: The damping significantly increases in the resonance zone, which can effectively suppress the resonance peak and then the damping in the vibration isolation zone will decrease rapidly, so it has an excellent damping vibration attenuation characteristic;

7. The metal rubber vibration isolator has a compact structure and is small in size as well as light in weight;

8. Low creep characteristics: Avoiding the tearing and cracking of wires and conduits due to the impact caused by the creep of the vibration isolator and the rigid collision caused by the sinking and tilting of the equipment;

9.  The metal rubber vibration isolator is convenient to disassemble and replace vibration isolator parts on site.

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