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Development Direction of Vibration Isolation Technology

With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for vibration control in production and life, as well as the emergence of modern intelligent technology and automatic control technology, the development of vibration isolation technology will also develop rapidly to intellectualization and diversification. According to the research and application hotspots of vibration isolation technology, there are several general development directions of vibration isolation technology:
(1) Micro-amplitude vibration isolation technology. With the gradual improvement of the precision level of modern industrial equipment, the traditional vibration isolation technology and theory can not meet the requirements of high precision and micro-amplitude vibration isolation. Therefore, the vibration control technology and theoretical research below micron level will be a direction and hot spot in the development of vibration isolation in the future.
(2) Intelligent vibration isolation technology. With the rise of intelligent control technology and intelligent materials, vibration isolation technology is also developing towards intellectualization.
(3) Research on new vibration isolation materials. The research of new vibration isolation materials, such as high damping rubber, memory alloy damping material, particle friction damping material, magnetic sensitive material and piezoelectric material, will also be a key direction in the future research of vibration isolation technology.
(4) Compound and cross application of various vibration control technologies. For example, active vibration isolation control and passive vibration isolation control have their own advantages, and can not be replaced each other. Combining the two will overcome the limitation of using them alone. Therefore, the composite application of active and passive control provides a new idea for the development of vibration isolation technology in the future.
(5) Research on novel vibration control methods. According to the vibration characteristics of some vibration control systems, novel vibration isolation methods are studied, such as independent mode space control method and optimal boundary damping method.

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