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Do You Know about the Industrial Vibration Dampers?


Aiming at the problem that ordinary vibration dampers cannot take into account low-frequency vibration reduction and high-frequency impact resistance, a new type of industrial vibration reduction and impact resistance system is proposed. This industrial vibration damper is composed of a wire rope spring as well as a magnetorheological damper in parallel and the high damping and damping controllability of the magnetorheological damper is used to make the mechanical properties of the vibration damper be controllable, so as to achieve a coordinated solution to the low-frequency vibration reduction and high-frequency impact resistance issues of the marine equipment. In the research of the vibration reduction and impact resistance performance of the vibration damper, numerical analysis is carried out by using the model test method, and the corresponding numerical results are obtained. The research results show that the vibration damper system has a better control effect on vibration and impact response, especially reflected in suppressing the resonance of the system and controlling the low-frequency vibration of the system.

Currently, industrial vibration dampers are very commonly used in industrial production and many industrial manufacturers have used industrial vibration dampers for production. Industrial vibration dampers can play a great role and they can reduce the vibration sense and environmental noise of the equipment in the process of using.

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