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The stainless steel wire rope vibration isolator adopts multi-strand steel wire to fire into a spiral structure, which is fixed with a splint. It can attenuate the dynamic vibration source in a wide frequency range or a large amplitude range and achieve a better ability of vibration isolation, vibration attenuation, and resonance suppression. At the same time, it has the advantages of good vibration damping performance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and non-aging, which can be widely used for vibration attenuation and shock insulation of equipment in various fields.

Xi'an Hoan Microwave Co., Ltd, as one of the professional stainless steel wire rope isolator manufacturers, producing GX-40AN1 stainless steel wire rope isolator, which is a new type of vibration isolator that was drawn on GX series of vibration isolator's strength and redesigned as well as developed on the basis of it. The forward and lateral carrying capacity of the GX-40AN1 stainless steel wire rope isolator is basically close, and the lateral carrying capacity is 70% of the forward carrying capacity. What's more, the arched support structure of the wire rope makes the GX-40AN1 stainless steel wire rope isolator's stability stronger, and its vibration isolation effect more remarkable.

This product can ensure that the vibration isolation system has good vibration isolation, cushioning, and shock resistance performance under the maximum safe shock (including earthquake) conditions. It adapts to various harsh environmental conditions specified by military standards, which is especially suitable for military, high-tech, and industrial products with special seismic requirements such as ship-borne, airborne and vehicle-borne. The carrying capacity of the product is 0.1-100kg and it can also be specially designed according to the special technical requirements of users.

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