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How to Choose Rubber Shock Absorber of High Quality

When choosing rubber shock absorber, we should first understand its characteristics and select according to the environment. Its advantage is that the rubber itself is very flexible, and the texture is lighter. In some places that need to pay attention to weight, such as for high-speed rotating rotor, the best way to reduce vibration is to use rubber products, so as to avoid new imbalance caused by overweight itself.

Damping spring shock absorber itself has unparalleled sealing, and no matter how it is compressed, it is only elastic deformation, and its volume has little change. If it is in the hydraulic environment, it should not only play a role in vibration reduction, but also seal, so as not to let the liquid overflow, such an occasion must be none other than that, there is no better choice. Rubber can also resist corrosion, if in some severe corrosive environment, such as many chemical plant production workshops, these places need shock absorbers, it is best to use rubber shock absorbers.

At the same time, due to the characteristics of the product itself, there are many occasions where rubber products industry is very inappropriate. First, rubber will become brittle at minus 30 degrees, and lose its elastic deformation. At this time, it can not play a role in vibration reduction. Therefore, in excessive cold environment, do not use rubber products to reduce vibration, so as not to achieve the desired effect. Rubber also can not withstand high temperature, as long as it exceeds 75 degrees Celsius, its internal structure has changed, its elasticity will completely disappear, of course, it will no longer have any vibration reduction function. If the temperature continues to rise again, it may be burned. Therefore, if in very high temperature environment, do not use rubber shock absorber, otherwise, not only did not play the expected role of vibration reduction, and even accidents may occur.
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