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How to Choose the Suitable Rubber Vibration Dampening Mounts?

Although rubber vibration dampening mounts are widely used, they are not suitable for all occasions. So when we choose rubber vibration dampening mounts, we must fully understand its own characteristics, and then combined with the use of the environment to choose. Its advantage is that the rubber itself is very flexible and light in weight. In some places where weight needs to be taken care of, it is best to use rubber vibration dampening mounts to avoid new imbalances due to overweight. And no matter how compressed it is, it is only elastically deformed, with little change in its volume. If it is in a hydraulic environment, if it is both to reduce the impact and seal it, it must be the case, there is no better alternative. Rubber is also resistant to corrosion. It is better to use a rubber damper if it is needed in some severe corrosive environment, such as the production workshops of many chemical plants.
At the same time, because of the characteristics of the product, rubber products industry is very inappropriate on many occasions. First of all, rubber will become brittle when it is 30 degrees below zero and lose its elastic deformation. Therefore, in the extreme cold environment, do not use rubber vibration dampening mounts, in order to avoid the expected effect. Rubber can't withstand high temperatures, and as long as it exceeds 75 degrees Celsius, its internal structure changes, its elasticity will disappear completely, and of course it will no longer have any damping function. If the temperature continues to rise, it could burn. So if in very high temperature environment, we must not use rubber vibration dampening mounts, otherwise, it did not achieve the expected reduction in use, and may even have accidents.
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