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How to Detect Whether The Rubber Shock Absorber is Malfunctioning in The Car?


When the rubber shock absorber is used in automobiles, its common failures are issues that need to be paid attention to in-car maintenance. The rubber shock absorber can alleviate car vibration and promote the car running smoothly, which is widely used in various types of automobiles, and especially the two-way acting cylinder series is the most popular. As one of the vulnerable components of automobiles, regular maintenance, and repair of the rubber shock absorber can effectively ensure the automobiles driving safety and extend the service life of related components. Under normal circumstances, whether the rubber shock absorber is out of order can be detected by the following methods:

Firstly, check the shock absorber shell and rubber shock absorber vibration isolator mounts after driving for about ten kilometers on a road with relatively bad road conditions. If the heat is limited, the shock absorber may be malfunctioning. Certainly, it may also be caused by the lack of oil in the shock absorber. At this time, lubricating oil can be properly added for testing. On the contrary, there is a real failure and a new rubber shock absorber needs to be replaced.

Secondly, pressing the bumper hard and observing the car after loosening the grip, if there are two or so jumping behaviors, the shock absorber is safe and sound.

Thirdly, if the car vibrates significantly when being slammed on brakes during low-speed driving, the rubber shock absorber is bound to be in trouble. At this time, the car needs to be sent to the 4S shop for maintenance to ensure the normal use of the car.

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