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How to Ensure the Best Isolation Effect of Kinetics Spring Isolators


There are many types of kinetics spring isolators, and each of them has its own unique vibration isolation capability. The two popular types of shock absorbers on the market are damping spring shock absorbers and hanging spring shock absorbers. In fact, the functions of the two are similar, but the corresponding kinetics spring isolators will be selected according to the different environmental requirements. Spring vibration isolators are mainly used for anti-vibration of pipelines and equipment in nuclear power plants, power plants, chemical plants, steel plants, etc. It is often used to control the pipe system vibration of continuous fluid vibration such as fluid pulsation, two-phase flow, high-speed flow and wind vibration. The kinetics spring isolators can effectively control the vibration and swing of various frequencies, but it limits the normal thermal displacement of the pipeline to a certain extent. The design should fully consider the additional force generated by the kinetics spring isolators on the pipeline.

How to make kinetics spring isolators achieve the best results?

1. The spring vibration isolator does not exceed the rated compression of the shock absorber to exert the best vibration isolation effect.

2. The radius of the spring of the kinetics spring isolator is greater than four times its height under the rated load.

3. The spring must have a certain extra stroke, which is at least equal to 50% of the rated static deflection.

4. The number of spring coils should not be too few, generally no less than six turns.

5. The manufactured spring can ensure that the horizontal stiffness of the shock absorber is sufficient so that the equipment is stable and not easy to fall, the elasticity is durable, and the long-lasting vibration damping ability is guaranteed. However, the price of such kinetics spring isolators is often higher.

If the kinetics spring isolators are to be used on the water pump, it can also achieve the best effect. As long as the pump is selected according to the weight of the pump, the spring compression of the general suspension spring isolator after the weight of the water should be greater than 20MM. Without exceedind the rated compression of the shock absorber, it can ensure the best vibration isolation effect of the kinetics spring isolators.

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