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Brief Introduction of Automobile Shock Absorber and Car Maintenance

As an important part of automobile suspension system, the role of shock absorber can not be ignored. Whether a car is running smoothly and the passengers are comfortable in the car depends largely on the quality of shock absorber besides the driver's operation.

Therefore, when choosing automobile shock absorbers, we should be careful (especially new cars). When choosing, try riding (driving), so as to understand the shock absorption effect of the car, and then make a decision. So where on earth is the car shock absorber sacred?

The shock absorber is mainly used to restrain the shock of spring when it bounces back after vibration absorption and the impact from the road surface. Although the shock absorber spring can filter the vibration of the road surface when passing through uneven road surface, the spring itself will also have reciprocating motion, and the shock absorber is used to suppress the spring jump. If the shock absorber is too soft, the car body will jump up and down. If the shock absorber is too hard, it will bring too much resistance and hinder the normal work of the spring. In the process of modification of suspension system, hard shock absorber should be matched with hard spring, and the hardness of spring is closely related to the weight of the vehicle, so the heavier vehicle usually uses the harder shock absorber.

Shock absorber is a component of suspension system. The system is an elastic connection between wheel and body. The purpose of this connection is to reduce the vibration of the body and its related mechanical components caused by uneven road surface.

The Impact of Shock Absorbers on Vehicles

Vehicle braking: If the shock absorber is not functioning properly, the braking distance will increase, especially when the road is bumpy.
Driving stability: If the function of shock absorber is not good, the vehicle response speed is slow and the stability is poor.
Tire wear: abnormal changes in tire load, reduced grip, increased wear.
Driving comfort: The passengers will feel the brake forward, accelerated backward and steering roll. Vehicle vibration increased significantly.

How does the shock absorber work?

Each movement of the suspension:
The chromium-plated alloy rod mounted on the piston moves up and down along the oil-filled shock absorber cylinder. Each time the wheel moves up and down, the piston moves up and down in the cylinder. When the piston moves in the cylinder, the speed of the piston is slowed down because the oil is limited when it flows through the flow limiting valve. Oil flows between different sections of the flow limiting valve. Thus, the cushioning and shock absorption effect can be obtained.

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