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Introduction to Rubber Shock Isolators​


Rubber shock isolators are rubber isolators. Rubber shock isolators can be used in both the compressed state and the cut state. Its biggest advantage is that it has enough internal damping, which is suitable for small static displacement and short but large dynamic displacement, and can be made into various shapes to meet the requirements of space. The disadvantage is that it will age and creep. It is mainly used to isolate high frequency vibration.

Characteristics of Rubber Shock Isolators
1. Low natural frequency
2. Appropriate damping ratio
3. The transverse rigidity is higher than the vertical height
4. Use various installation forms such as horizontal, inverted and side hanging

When rubber shock isolators are used horizontally, they have good lateral stability. When they are subjected to relatively large vibration impact, they can absorb vibration and automatically limit protection. At the same time, they have a strong ability to restrain resonance peak and offset the natural vibration energy caused by transient shock response transient excessive working condition, so that the equipment will not appear any shaking and vibration.

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