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Let You Understand What Is a Wire Rope Anti Vibration Mounts


The wire rope anti-vibration mount uses steel wire rope as an elastic body and makes use of the friction and slip between the steel wire strands to realize vibration isolation and buffering.

Wire rope anti vibration mounts can withstand large deformations, having gradually softer stiffness characteristics, good damping characteristics, excellent vibration isolation, and impact resistance performance, which is able to stand shear, roll, tension, and compression three-way loads. It also has the advantage of high-temperature resistance, pollution resistance as well as aging resistance, and its unique rope structure can suppress the high-frequency standing wave effect that is often found in metal anti-vibration mounts.

Wire rope anti vibration mount is widely used in vibration isolation of marine machinery and is also used in engineering fields such as transportation and aerospace. According to the different wire winding methods, wire rope anti-vibration mount mainly has three types: spiral, arched, and spherical. The spiral wire rope anti-vibration mount is the most common type of wire rope anti-vibration mounts, it uses a steel wire rope to spirally wind around the upper and lower splints, which is less difficult to process and has mature technology. The arched wire rope anti-vibration mount is screwed up by several stainless steel wire ropes, its stability is better than that of the spiral wire rope anti-vibration mount, but its carrying capacity is weaker than that of the spiral wire rope anti-vibration mount. The upper and lower splints of the spherical wire rope anti-vibration mount are circular, its stability is better than that of the spiral wire rope anti-vibration mount and it has the strongest carrying capacity.

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