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Matters Needing Attention When Using Rubber Shock Absorber

As we all know, the types of rubber shock absorbers are various now, and their application scope is more and more extensive. Not only in life, transportation, but also in many industries, it can be said that as long as there is vibration, rubber shock absorbers are basically indispensable. But not all rubber dampers can be used in a certain place, it depends on the environment and so on.

Rubber shock absorbers

When choosing a shock absorber, we should first understand its characteristics, and then select it through the environment. The characteristics of rubber shock absorber are that its shape can be designed according to need, its stiffness can be adjusted, it can provide greater damping ratio than spring, shear resistance, tension resistance, compression resistance and installation is simpler. Its shortcomings are high natural frequency, short service life and limited use environment. Generally, the ambient temperature should be controlled between - 30 - 70 degrees Celsius. Some rubber dampers with suitable materials should be selected for use in chemical corrosive environment.

Scope of application of rubber shock absorber:

1. The vibration source belongs to vibration isolation and noise control of high frequency rotating machinery and equipment.
Example: When the rotational frequency of mechanical equipment is more than 1000 revolutions, rubber dampers should be used for fans, pumps, generators and air conditioners.
2. For stamping equipment, the natural frequency of rubber shock absorber should be avoided.
Examples: punch, die cutter, press, etc.
3. Rubber dampers are widely used in automobiles, aerospace and navigation because they can reduce vibration in all directions.
4. Other mechanical equipment.
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