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Natural Rubber Vibration Dampening Mounts

There are two types of bridge vibration dampening mounts: flexible support and damper. Rubber bracket is one of the most widely used and practical flexible supporting devices in the world. Rubber bracket is made of thin steel plate and thin rubber plate alternately overlapped and bonded by high temperature vulcanization. The rubber used is usually natural rubber and chloroprene rubber. In addition to frost resistance and elasticity, chloroprene rubber is superior to natural rubber in other properties (oil resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and damping, etc.). Because a thin sandwich steel plate is added to the rubber layer, and the rubber layer is closely bonded to the sandwich steel plate. When the rubber vibration dampening mount is subjected to vertical load, the lateral deformation of the rubber plate is restrained, so that the rubber vibration dampening mount has a large vertical bearing capacity and vertical stiffness.

The natural rubber vibration dampening mount is mainly based on the combination of the rubber bearing and the basin bearing. It has fire resistance, weatherability and durability. It can withstand repeated shear without reducing the viscosity, and can always maintain a stable damping force. The viscous shear force between the resisting plate embedded in the viscous material and the viscous material is used to absorb the dissipated vibration energy. The bridge structure is supported by the support plate on the base plate of the support.

The rubber vibration dampening mount is composed of two parts: isolation bracket (isolator) and damper. The former can support the self-weight and load of the building steadily, while the latter can restrain the large deformation during the earthquake and stop the sloshing quickly after the earthquake.

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