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Customize GXG-110A Wire Rope Vibration Isolator-Cushioning for Box and Cabinet

GXG series wire rope vibration isolator, a new type of vibration isolator, is designed and developed on the basis of JGX series wire rope vibration isolator. The supporting structure of the wire rope is arch, which greatly improves the stability and the effect of isolation. It has many advantages such as unique design structure, low natural frequency, large damping, good restitution, and superior isolation performance. It passed the GJB150-1986 environmental test on military equipment. It can be used in kinds of extreme environments such as high and low temperature, salt spray, mold, moisture, ozone, grease, sunshine, radiation, dust, and all kinds of organic solvent corrosion environment. In recent years, it has been used in aerospace, automotive, electrical and mechanical areas, receiving unanimous praise.

Product working principle:

Arched wire rope vibration isolator can reduce vibration. When environment effect on equipment which is installed isolator, causing the vibration and shock, the archwire rope will stretch and clip. And the wire rope isolator generates certain displacement. The displacement causes friction and phase motion of the wire rope. The strands of wire between wire ropes are rubbed and distorted by external forces, making part of the kinetic energy into heat energy. In this way, the wire rope isolator consumes part of energy caused by vibration. In addition, when the equipment is subjected to a large impact, making the archwire rope vibration isolator produce plastic deformation, the wire rope isolator with triangular structure is better than the one with spiral helical structure. It doesn't "touch base", which can avoid the intense vibration and guarantee the normal operation of the equipment. The security of the equipment is improved under the effect of vibration isolation.

GXG series wire rope vibration isolator can ensure its good vibration isolation, buffering and shock resistance system even when it is bearing the maximum impact within safe limits. (including earthquake). It adapts to the various harsh environmental conditions stipulated in the domestic and foreign military standard. It can polytropic elastic deform and have a long service life. Its installation is varied. The wire rope isolator can mitigate shock and isolate vibration. With the wire rope isolator, the equipment can absorb energy and reduce noise when it is subjected to vibration and impact in the outside field, so as to protect the normal operation of the equipment. The wire rope vibration isolator is especially suitable for shipboard, airborne, vehicle and other military industry. The carrying capacity of standard series products is 0.1-100kg. Non-standard design can also be carried out according to the special technical requirements of users

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