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Effects and Solutions of Impact and Vibration

Shock and vibration affect the performance and life of various mechanical and electrical equipment. In most cases, the impact and vibration are avoided through a combination of elastic elements (metal mesh, elastomer, spring steel, etc.) and a metal bracket. However, compared with other types of vibration isolation devices, wire rope isolators (also known as spiral or cable base) have better shock and vibration isolation performance.

The wire rope isolator is made by winding the wire rope into a spiral shape and fixing it between two metal plates arranged along the nut. Its stiffness and damping depend on the diameter, strand number, circle number, winding mode and size of the wire rope. It is a new type of vibration isolator with non-linear characteristics and dry friction damping. The wire rope winded by multiple strands of steel wires in a certain direction is used as an elastic element. It has obvious hysteresis characteristics. Its energy dissipation comes from friction, extrusion and sliding between steel wires.

When the amplitude of excitation and impact is large enough, internal friction occurs between the strands of the isolator wire rope, which is contrary to the direction of wire rope movement, thus consuming a large amount of energy, attenuating vibration and impact strength.

When the vibration amplitude is small, each strand of the wire rope is twisted together due to friction, and no relative slip occurs, thus showing good linear elasticity and maintaining the stability of the system. Therefore, the wire rope isolator is adapted to the complex and changeable working conditions of vibration and impact, and its adaptive ability is particularly strong. It can effectively avoid strong resonance and impact, thus playing the role of cushioning and isolating vibration.

Wire rope vibration isolator has the properties of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, etc. It is suitable for vibration isolation and buffering of airborne, vehicular, shipborne and other electronic, mechanical equipment, computers and instrumentation, safety protection of missile satellite delivery, navigation and launching system, and vibration isolation and buffering of machinery, electronic equipment and facilities in harsh environments such as high and low temperature, chemical pollution, etc.

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