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Electronic Products and Vibration Shock

With the progress of science and technology, more and more electronic products are applied in harsh environment, which requires higher safety and reliability of products. There are many factors affecting the safety and reliability of electronic products. In addition to temperature and humidity, vibration and shock are the most important factors. Vibration and shock of electronic products have become a problem that must be considered in product design.

In the design of electronic products, the dynamic characteristics of product structure should be designed and analyzed according to the requirements of vibration and impact environment, or a suitable isolator should be installed between the equipment and the base. The vibration isolation system composed of the isolator can reduce or isolate the impact of environmental vibration and shock on the equipment. But for most electronic equipment, if the performance and installation position of the isolator are unreasonable, multi-vibration coupling will occur, which will aggravate the damage to the equipment.

In order to improve the anti-vibration and shock ability of the equipment, on the one hand, it can improve the anti-vibration and shock ability of the electronic equipment itself, on the other hand, it can effectively isolate and buffer the electronic equipment by installing appropriate non-linear damper or shock absorber between the equipment and the base.

In the design of vibration isolation system composed of different rigidity isolators, the environmental requirements such as equipment quality, shape size, installation space, working speed, installation mode, installation quantity, installation location, frequency of external interference sources or shock wave characteristics should be defined first, and then the isolator should be selected and determined.

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