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GH Series All-metal Wire Rope Vibration Isolator

A load of GH series wire rope vibration isolator is 10 n - 60 n (1.02 kg - 6.12 kg). GH series wire rope vibration isolator, developed abroad in recent years, is a new type of all metal vibration isolator with three-dimensional variable stiffness and variable damping characteristics. It can meet the requirements of vibration isolation and buffer of instruments in aircraft, ships, tanks, oil field log and other mobile carriers. The wire rope isolation can ensure the electronic equipment can work normally in the unfavorable mechanical environment. We can say that it is an ideal product to replace traditional vibration isolation equipment.


There are five main hazards that vibration and impact may bring to electronic devices:

1. It is easy to cause the deformation of the elastic component, which will make the contact elements (potentiometer, band switch, plug socket, ac contactor, etc.) have bad contact or break off.
2. The devices which are without fixed device or self-locking will fall off.
3. When the natural frequency and the excitation frequency of the parts are the same, resonance will occur, causing serious damage to the equipment.
4. The mechanical structure is damaged. Screw nuts loosen or even fall off, causing short circuit and damage. Soldering or welding place disconnect. Brittle materials break.
5. The flicker of the indicator light and the flicker of the instrument pointer lead to inaccurate readings and visual fatigue.

Electronic equipment is widely used in daily life. Vibration and shock are inevitable in both work and transportation. Many vibration processes often lead to the reduction of equipment processing precision and dynamic performance. It seriously affects production, scientific research and people's quality of life. Therefore, reducing the harm of vibration is of great significance. From aircraft and cars to micro motors and hard drives, vibration isolators are increasingly being used to reduce the impact of vibration on their performance. Due to the steel wire rope vibration isolators are all made of corrosion resistant metal parts. It is not easily affected by the chemical products, oil, ozone. It is not sensitive to the impact of the environment. The wire rope vibration isolator is a kind of vibration isolator with high performance, reasonable price, and convenient installation. With large potential application prospect in vibration control, it is especially suitable for shipboard, airborne, vehicle and other military industry. It has been widely applied in shipboard equipment, radar navigation systems, field transportation command system, air control system, chemical equipment, engine and compressor, military reinforcement machine, aviation instrument, nuclear power plant, nuclear bunker and all kinds of the seismic test bench.

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